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Λεύκωνος 2-12, 1011 Λευκωσία
Λεύκωνος 2-12, 1011 Λευκωσία

With a small ceremony at the premises of Nicosia’s Town Hall on March 1st, 2024, the journey to re-discover the history and culture of the heart of the Cypriot capital has started. Members of the City Council, members of the Cyprus Energy Agency, and special guests, gathered together for the launch of the so-called Heritage Walks – one of the elements of HUB-IN Nicosia’s Plan towards the transformation and regeneration of its Historic Urban Area; the city within the walls.


The preparation for HUB-IN Nicosia’s Heritage Walks takes us back in the last trimester of 2023, when a diversity of local professionals, experts, and old-Nicosia lovers, were invited by the Municipality to submit their proposals. 15 individuals were invited, 6 of them responded back, and 10 proposals were submitted and approved by both, the Nicosia Municipality, and the Cyprus Energy Agency -national representatives of the HUB-IN project. Since then, a historian, a cultural heritage expert, two professional tour guides, a peace educator, an architect, and the non-governmental organisation Friends of Nicosia, cooperated with the Municipality and the Cyprus Energy Agency, for the preparation and delivery of the 10 walks below:

  1. Stage & Screen / Antigone Heraclidou – Historian & People of Cyprus
  2. Getting to know the city: The “Revival of Nicosia” with the background of the oldest district / Friends of Nicosia – NGO
  3. Getting to know the city: The timelessness of education / Friends of Nicosia – NGO
  4. Getting to know the city: Transformations from the Middle Ages to today / Friends of Nicosia – NGO
  5. Heritage & Society / Costas Mavrokordatos – Architect & Maria Mavrou / Historian
  6. In the footsteps of the embers / Iliana Koulafeti – Historian & Heritage expert
  7. My Nicosia: From its multicultural past to its multicultural future / Marios Antoniou – Peace Educator
  8. Nicosia Masterplan: Walking in a united Nicosia / Cyprus Tourist Guides Association
  9. The kings of Cyprus come to life in the center of medieval Nicosia / Cyprus Tourist Guides Association
  10. Water, wealth, prayer…three centuries ago / Cyprus Tourist Guides Association

Each of the 10 walks engages and promotes among others, the Cultural and Creative Industry in the area, as well as other local businesses and institutions, and is offered to the public -locals and visitors alike- at no cost. 5 out of the 10 walks are offered every Saturday until June 2024, and registration to them is via

If you live in Nicosia or visiting, make sure you have checked the Heritage Walks’ calendar and registered yourself!

For more details, do not hesitate to contact Ms. Charis Theocharous, at