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Are you passionate about climate action and eager to get others involved? If so, you can become a European Climate PactAmbassador! Bring your local climate action stories to the European stage, and inspire your community to participate in the climate actions that are being implemented, to drive change in everyday life and help shape our future. As a Pact Ambassador, you will get visibility for your climate actions, and access to a vibrant network across Europe, to build together a cleaner, healthier, and just world!

To learn more and submit your application, click here.

The deadline for applications is October 15, 2023.

🌳 WE MADE A PLEDGE FOR OUR PLANET 🌍 We are proud to announce we have joined the #EUClimatePact! We are taking concrete action for the climate and the environment. We encourage you to do the same - join the movement and help build a greener Europe! Find out more at #MyWorldOurPlanet