The Energy Office of Cyprus (EEG), as a member Enterprise Europe Network (EEN), announces the provision of Sustainable Development Consultant services to all Cypriot small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Services are provided through EEN Cyprus, a network that provides free of charge, comprehensive support services to Cypriot businesses.

EEN Cyprus services cover issues related to International Partnerships, Business Development and Internationalization, Access to Finance, Technology Transfer, European Union Feedback, Innovation Support, and Green and Digital Transition. EGG, as the network's Sustainable Development Consultant, covers, among others, issues of Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy Sources, Circular Economy, Digitization, and Climate Change. Cypriot SMEs can contact the EGG for information and guidance regarding:  

  • Green Transition training seminars 
  • Networking opportunities / new collaborations in Cyprus and abroad 
  • Search for good practices / innovative products in Cyprus and abroad 
  • Sponsorship plans
  • Environmental certifications 
  • Advice on harmonization with climate and energy policy 

The Cypriot consortium of the European program A they complement the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Coordinator), the Research and Innovation Foundation and the Cyprus European Office. For more information regarding EEN Cyprus and the services offered by EEG, you can visit or contact one of the following telephone numbers:  

  • +357 22667849 (Program manager: Christina Andreou) 
  • +357 22667850 (Stefani Dimitriou)

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