Project HAPPEN - Holistic APproach and Platform for the deep renovation of the residential environment EN Environment

The HAPPEN project aims to stimulate the market for radical energy upgrading of buildings, aiming at the creation of Nearly Zero Energy Consumption Buildings (CISC) in the Mediterranean region. The project wants to achieve this goal through the development of a holistic approach and a platform adapted to Mediterranean climatic conditions, called MedZEB. This approach and the platform MedZEB is expected to contribute to:

  • Linking the energy upgrades market between designers, vendors and installers,
  • Creating an environment of confidence for radical energy upgrades,
  • Increasing the attractiveness of interventions to improve the energy performance of buildings by emphasizing the cost-effectiveness of interventions.

To test this approach in practice, a few buildings were selected from each country participating in the project for pilot energy upgrading actions. One of them is the Strovolos Municipal Mansion. Through the MedZEB methodology, the appropriate measures for the energy upgrading of the building with a total estimated budget of 200,000 € will be selected. In order to finance these interventions, Strovolos Municipality will allocate own resources for the maintenance of the building while seeking additional funding either through national / European sponsorship or in cooperation with a financial institution. With the launch of the project, the Cyprus Energy Office as project manager in Cyprus will prepare a plan for the implementation of the pilot projects in which, besides the Strovolos Municipal Hall, 3 residential buildings (residences) will be included in the territory municipality's.

For the selection of residential buildings, the Energy Office intends to open an invitation to all Strovolos citizens and the participants will be selected on the basis of predefined criteria. It is expected that the pilot projects in the Municipality of Strovolos will start the end of the second year of the project (2019) and will be completed in the third year of project implementation (2020). The Municipality will also support the Energy Bureau in the actions of communication to the citizens and businesses operating in the Municipality through its involvement in the Local Action Group and in the training seminars organized by the Energy Office of Cypriot Citizens.

HAPPEN has a duration of 36 months and its budget is € 2,108,827.50. The partnership scheme led by the Italian National Research Foundation includes partners from Italy, Spain, France, Greece, Slovenia, Croatia and Cyprus.

For more information, follow the project at the following links:

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