The project WE-Qualify and the Build up Skills initiative

The WE-Qualify project «Improve Skills and Qualifications in the Building Workforce in Cyprus» is an EU co-funded project through the «Intelligent Energy Europe» programme under the European initiative «Build Up Skills».

The initiative aimed to promote the continuing vocational education and training of workers in technical occupations in the Construction sector, as well as other relevant sectors related with the installation and maintenance of energy saving and renewable energy systems.

Skill needs

According to the current National status quo and the «Roadmap» that has been developed within the Build Up Skills Pillar I (www.buildupskills.org.cy ), a lack of a sufficient number of skilled workforce for the implementation of measures relating to the construction of energy efficient buildings has been identified.

Additionally, a lack of appropriate training programs for the training of the workforce has been identified

It was estimated that at least 4.500 employees need to acquire green skills in 13 different skillsets relating to the energy performance improvement of buildings by 2020.


European Distinction

The WE-Qualify project has emerged between the 3 nominations for the most successful European Projects for the year 2016, in the Public Domain category, for the promotion of clean, safe and efficient energy in Europe.

The awards ceremony took place on the 14th June 2016 in Brussels, in the framework of the EU Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW) 2016