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Λεύκωνος 2-12, 1011 Λευκωσία
Λεύκωνος 2-12, 1011 Λευκωσία

The EIT Climate-KIC RIS Cyprus partners, Cyprus Energy Agency, Cyprus University of Technology and Chrysalis LEAP, would like to invite you to a two days ‘sandpit’ workshop, where up to 25 participants of diverse background will come together to seek the answer to the question ‘How can we ensure sustainable transport/mobility in the wider united Nicosia region by 2030?’.

The primary aim of the workshop is to engage key stakeholders in a process of identifying the desired future state, and developing broad plans to overcome potential barriers.

The output of the workshop would be a series of documents which ‘sketch’ the requirements from different perspectives, e.g. education, industry, disabled travelers etc. These documents could be combined, and edited, at a later date to form a white paper which can be used as input for subsequent planning purposes by the appropriate government departments.

The event will be for citizens across Cyprus, from all communities in order for citizens of Nicosia to share their ideas and views about urban transport challenges in their city and form a common vision about a sustainable united Nicosia, in terms of mobility and transport.

Who can join? Everyone, Greek Cypriots, Turkish Cypriots and citizens from the other communities of Cyprus, who want to share their vision about the transition of Nicosia to a sustainable mobility city: citizens, policy makers, local authorities, academics, university students, NGOs, bus companies, taxi drivers, associations, cyclists etc

When and where? 12th and 13th of December 2016, Nicosia

How to apply? Please fill in this application form. Please note that places are limited and applications will be assessed as they come in. Early applications are advised.

For more information: Please see the below attachment.