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The co-funded by the EIT Climate-KIC project, Young Innovators, is an experimental program aimed to introduce a systems innovation approach to 12-18-years old, to foster social awareness and entrepreneurial thinking, towards tackling climate change challenges in the school environment, through visual thinking and participatory techniques.

With Young Innovators, the future generation is being prepared with the knowledge and understanding to lead the movement for a systemic change. As part of this movement, Young Innovators offers students the methodological approach, visual tools, and entrepreneurial mindset, to change the economy and society immediately.

With the young innovators that we will prepare today, we will facilitate the systemic change of tomorrow. A prosperous tomorrow without exclusions, resistant to climate change, based on the circular economy and free from the carbon footprint. The goal is to empower up to 3 million children by 2030, making 10% of European teenagers climatic innovators!

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