The construction sector in Cyprus is a growing sector responsible for the consumption of 37% of final energy consumption. Contrary to this fact and according to the results of the current national situation and the "Road Map" developed within the framework of the Build Up Skills Pillar I projectwww.buildupskills.org.cy), there is a lack of a sufficient number of skilled workers to implement measures related to the construction of energy-efficient buildings. In addition, there is a lack of adequate training programs for labor education.

The purpose of the WE-Qualify project is to help the construction sector in Cyprus overcome the lack of skills faced by its workforce and, in particular, the lack of specialized personnel in the construction of energy-efficient buildings by developing 3 technical training programs (Skill 1 : Installation of thermal insulation, 2 Skills: Installation of window frames and external shades, Skills 3: Installation and maintenance of heating systems with biomass boiler), suitable educational material giving equal weight to both the theoretical and practical training of trainees, as well as the training of trainers.

During the project, five pilot training programs for three skills are expected to be carried out to assess the effectiveness of the training material and to provide useful information for improving the project. During these programs, more 125 craftsmen will be trained and the training programs and the material to be developed can be used by other training providers in Cyprus as well as their interest in supporting the proposal.