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Lefkonos 2-12, 1011 Nicosia

He celebrated the 24th with a three-day event in Cyprusη Annual General Meeting of the leading European Network of Regional and Local Organizations in favor of the energy transition and climate action, FEDARENE. The event in Cyprus was hosted by the Energy Office of Cyprus, a member of the FEDARENE family and the Board of Directors, with the role of Vice President in matters concerning smart and sustainable islands.

The General Assembly of the Network was held in the morning of June 26, after a meeting of the Board of Directors in the afternoon of the 25th. This was followed by a Ceremonial Part coordinated by the Energy Office (in the afternoon of June 26), and interactive sessions among members on the morning of the 27th.

The Ceremonial Part entitled "EU Climate Pact Summit - Laying the ground towards Climate Neutrality" was welcomed by the Director of the Energy Office, Mr. Savvas Vlachos, on behalf of the Vice President of the Board of Directors of the Office, Mr. Panagiotis Damianos. Immediately after, the Minister of Energy, Trade and Industry, Dr. George Papanastasiou, representing the President of the Republic of Cyprus, Mr. Nikos Christodoulidis.

Through Mr. Damianou's speech, Mr. Vlachos congratulated the organizers of the event and thanked FEDARENE for entrusting them with such a great event. He did not fail to mention successes of the Office in its 15 years of operation and in its 12 years of cooperation with the FEDARENE Network. Among other things, he explained the importance of individual and collective climate action if we aim for climate neutrality by 2050. Finally, he referred to the Office's role as Coordinator of European Climate Agreement in Cyprus, in the context of which the specific thematic unit was organized.

From the speech of the President, Dr. Papanastasiou outlined the energy environment of our country and the challenges it faces, and emphasized that Cyprus has all the necessary resources to face the climate crisis. He referred to the revised Energy Strategy of the state, which sets important priorities for the island to turn into an energy hub.

Subsequently, Mr. Vlachos presented the Manifesto of FEDARENE for 2024, while Ms. Güzide Sofi spoke about her experience as an Ambassador of the Climate Pact in Cyprus, the actions she undertakes and how she perceives the meaning and consequences of climate change.

Translated into 12 European languages, the Manifesto sets out the Network's vision, mission and policy recommendations for the new members of the European Parliament, as well as the European Commission, and highlights how key a role climate action plays in Europe's energy transformation.

The Ceremonial Part ended with a panel discussion moderated by the Secretary General of FEDARENE, Mr. Seamus Hoyne, and attended by the Minister of Energy, Trade and Industry, the Commissioner for the Environment, Ms. Antonia Theodosiou, the Director of the Department of Environment, Dr. Theodoulos Mesimeris, the Deputy Representative of the EU in Cyprus, Mr. Nikos Isaris, and the President of FEDARENE, Mr. Julije Domac.

During their stay in Cyprus, the participants of the event had the opportunity to get to know the Cypriot nature, tradition and hospitality. On June 27, they had the opportunity to visit the historic center of the capital and enjoy a beautiful afternoon in green roof of the Energy Office, where the nature based solutions.