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Lefkonos 2-12, 1011 Nicosia

The Final Evaluation Workshop of the co-funded WE-Qualify Project, entitled "Building Builders' Competence Building and Renewable Energy Technologies", was carried out successfully on 31 October 2016 as part of the European Build Up Skills Program.

The Build Up Skills Program is a strategic initiative within the framework of the European Intelligent Energy Europe Program, which aims at continuing education and training for construction workers in the construction industry as well as in related fields related to the installation and maintenance of systems energy saving and renewable energy sources in buildings.

The aim of the second phase of the project in Cyprus was to introduce new or upgrade existing certification and training projects for craftsmen based on the recommendations and priority actions set out in the Road Map elaborated in the first phase of the project. In this context, integrated planning and pilot implementation of training and certification programs for the installation of thermal insulation systems, the installation of window frames and sun protection systems and the installation and maintenance of biomass systems have been promoted.

At the Seminar, attended by more than 40 people, the final results of the highly successful WE-Qualify project were presented, as well as information on the regulation of the installers' profession in the areas of RES, technical systems and building components. Success certificates were also awarded to successful 29 participants in the 3 pilot training program for heat insulators as well as certificates of successful follow-up to 14 successful participants in the small-scale biomass boiler and biomass heating program participants.

To date, WE-Qualify 69 has been certified by heat insulators and 7 installers for window and sun protection systems, and has successfully attended 14 candidate installers for small-scale boilers and biomass heaters.

The presentations of the workshop have been posted on the WE-Qualify website at the e-mail address