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For purposes of facilitating Community Councils when investigating their participation in Grant Scheme to Encourage Energy Upgrades by Local Authorities and Wider Public Sector Bodies and when submitting and implementing their Proposals, the Community Councils of Cyprus may turn to the Cyprus Energy Agency, which in collaboration with the Union of Cyprus Communities, and with the support of the European Union's Recovery and Resilience Mechanism, within the framework of the Plan Recovery and Resilience of Cyprus, will provide the following technical support:

  1. Informing the Community Councils about the Plan,
  2. Guiding Community Councils in identifying and selecting eligible interventions,
  3. Assisting Community Councils in the process of securing services from an Energy Auditor and/or Qualified Expert,
  4. Support of Community Councils in the preparation and submission of a Proposal
  5. Providing technical assistance to the Community Councils during the drafting of the technical specifications of the deliverables that will be provided for in the documents of the tenders that will be announced for the purposes of implementing the investments,
  6. Support of Community Councils in the submission of Interim and Final Grant Application

The technical support will be offered for a limited number of applications, which may concern applications from individual Community Councils, or partnerships of Local Government Authorities that consist purely of Community Councils. It is also emphasized that first come first served, based on the registration of the electronic application. Finally, it is clarified that the provision of technical support has an advisory nature and not presupposes the approval of the application by the Management Committee of the RES and EXE Fund.

To submit your application, press here. In case of any problem/difficulty completing the application, contact one of the following telephone numbers:

  • +357 22667839 or +357 99714950 (Project Manager: Stelios Cyprus),
  • +357 22667849 (Christina Andreou)