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Lefkonos 2-12, 1011 Nicosia

Maria Paphiti has graduated from the University of Cyprus with a bachelor’s degree in Turkish and Middle Eastern studies, with specialization in the Turkish History and Politics. In 2015, she started working for a telecommunication company, where she had the opportunity to deal with multiple new mobile and other technologies, and interact with plenty of international customers, to whom she was selling products.

She is employed by the Cyprus Energy Agency since 2018, as an Education and Office Administrator, and as the Agency's DPO (Data Protection Officer). She is responsible for the office management, the organization of the office events/seminars and business style examinations, along with the GDPR compliance of the Agency and its activities. Last, but not least, she assists in the Agency's economic management and the translation of the Agency's monthly e-newsletter in Turkish.

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Charis Kordatos

Head of Climate Change & Environment Department - Climate Change & Environment Expert