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The Cyprus Energy Agency and the British High Commission (BHC) in Cyprus are embarking on a journey to help Universities in Cyprus to reach zero greenhouse gas emissions, titled “Race to Zero”.

The University of Cyprus and the Cyprus University of Technology are stepping up and joining the “Race to Zero” initiative. Over the next months, the Cyprus Energy Agency, with the support of the BHC in Cyprus, will work with the two institutions to set their decarbonisation targets and create the baseline of emissions. These two steps will create the basis on which actions can be designed and implemented to meet the carbon neutrality within the decided timeframe. Setting the vision for the two Universities will entail consultation and co-creation with all stakeholders: students, administrative, academic and non-academic staff, as well as management.

Our academic institutions have long been leading the way on developments and now it is the time to lead on climate action. Follow the Cyprus Energy Agency, BHC in Cyprus, and the two institutions to stay updated about the progress of “Race to Zero”.

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The effort is part of a global initiative linked to COPXNUMX, the XNUMX United Nations Climate Change Conference, where universities and colleges pledge to reach carbon neutrality. COPXNUMX which took place in Glasgow during the first two weeks of November with hopes to achieve stronger commitments on tackling emissions from all countries, in an effort to contain average temperature rises to XNUMX°C comparing to XNUMX levels. The Race to zero initiative is run by the Alliance for Sustainability Leadership in Education (EAUC), Second Nature, and UN Environment. So far, more than 1.000 educational and research institutions have pledged to join the “Race to Zero”, representing more than 10 million students across the world.

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