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As you may know, the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry [CCCI] and the Cyprus Energy Agency [CEA], partners of the network Enterprise Europe Network [EEN], are holding a series of free educational seminars on the Sustainable Development of Cypriot Small and Medium Enterprises [SMEs]. These seminars are co-financed by the EEN network.

Following the 1st seminar, which took place in Nicosia last year, the network plans to hold a 2nd seminar, on Tuesday, February 21, in Limassol. The aim of the seminars is to cover as much as possible the needs of Cypriot SMEs, in terms of their smooth green transition and sustainable development. To this end, we invite you to take a few minutes of your time to tell us which of the subjects offered interest you the most, and which hours you would prefer to be trained.

For the network's official announcement, which also includes the list of seminar topics, click here here.

To participate in the relevant survey, click here.

For more information and guidance regarding the Green Transition of Cypriot SMEs, you can contact Ms. Christina Andreou, Civil Engineer at EGG, and Sustainable Development Advisor for the network's businesses EEN Cyprus, by phone at +357 22667849, or by email at