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Invitation to participate in the Public Consultation

The Cyprus Energy Agency and the Cyprus Union of Communities launched a public consultation to collect comments and suggestions on the Draft of the Grant Scheme for Strengthening the Resilience of Rural Communities to Climate Change, "Adaptation to Climate Change", which is a part of the Cyprus Recovery and Resilience Plan, and is funded by the European Union (NextGeneration EU).

The aim of the Scheme is to provide financial incentives, in the form of non-refundable financial aids, to encourage the implementation of climate change adaptation and sustainable mobility investments by Rural Community Councils. The total funding amount available through the Scheme over its implementation period is €2.900.000. It is worth mentioning that the Plan works in conjunction with other incentive plans promoted by the government, as well as public investments, aiming at the same time to strengthen the resilience of communities to the upcoming climate changes and increase the level of well-being of citizens.

The consultation will remain open to the general public until 16 December 2022.To submit your comments and suggestions, please complete and forward the annotation board (see below) to the e-mail address or to the fax 22667736. Shall you need any clarifications, please contact Ms. Louisa Marie Shakou on 22667846 or via e-mail at