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The Cyprus Energy Office announces, after approval by the Council of Ministers on 27/7/2023, the "Granting Scheme for Strengthening the Resilience and Adaptation of Communities to Climate Change". It's about it first Grant Scheme concerning the financing of climate change adaptation investments at the local level, the result of an initiative of the Cyprus Energy Office in collaboration with the Union of Cyprus Communities.

The Grant Scheme is included in the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRS) and is financed by the Recovery and Resilience Mechanism (RSM) of the European Union (Next Generation EU), with a total budget of €2.900.000.

The Plan was developed in the broader context of national and community policies for adaptation to climate change, while aiming to strengthen the resilience of local communities to climate change and increase the level of well-being of citizens. The main purpose of the Plan is to promote investments by Community Councils to mitigate and alleviate the effects of climate change - mainly high temperatures and flooding - as well as investments in sustainable mobility.

More specifically, the investment categories covered by the Plan are the following three (3):

  • Costs of consulting services for participation in the Grant Scheme and successful implementation of the interventions
  • Investments that strengthen the adaptation and resilience of Communities to climate change
  • Investments in sustainable mobility infrastructure

The Plan will grant the 100% of the cost on the eligible expenses, with a maximum grant amount per application €150.000, and a minimum of €10.000. Only Community Councils, Community Council Partnerships and Community Service Clusters of Cyprus have the right to participate in the Scheme.

  • Start of submission of applications: 2/10/2023
  • Application deadline: 30/6/2024 or until the available budget is exhausted, whichever occurs first
  • Applications will be submitted only electronically, through the online platform:

The Implementing Agency of the Grant Scheme is the Energy Office of Cyprus and the Support Agency is the Union of Cyprus Communities.

Useful Documents:

Contact info:

  • Sponsorship Plan e-mail:
  • Responsible intervention e-mail: (Louisa Marie Siakou, Climate Change Adaptation Coordinator & Climate Change Imps, phone +357 22667846)

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