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The "Smart Islands" Initiative is the result of a series of actions that include: financial tools given to the islands to promote sustainable local energy planning and mature sustainable energy projects locally (ISLEPACT 2009; SMILEGOV 2013), initiatives of the European Parliament which underline both the challenges and the potential of the islands to move to a low carbon and sustainable development model, establishment of island networks (ISLENET 1993) and geographic groups (SMILEGOV 2013) et al.

A catalytic role in consolidating co-operation between the islands played it Isle of Covenant (EA), a political initiative with 117 island signers, similar to the Covenant of Mayors but reflecting the particular challenges faced by the islands. The STN, who enjoys it wide recognition by the European institutions, invites European island local authorities to reach or overcome the EU's energy and climate goals for 2020, drawing up and implementing island Sustainable Energy Action Plans on their territory.



Pillar I: Intelligent Islands Forum

An annual event promoting cooperation, networking and knowledge sharing between representatives of the island authorities, following which the Conference on Intelligence Islands, enabling stakeholders to meet, exchange views and propose specific measures to implement the Intelligent Islands Initiative.

 Pillar II: Intelligent Islands Declaration

A text that is a cornerstone of the Initiative and presents the position of the islands regarding their role, their potential but also the challenges they must overcome in order to become places - models of a smart, sustainable and inclusive development.

Pillar III: Platform for Smart Projects & Policies

An Agency that facilitates strategic partnerships between island authorities / private sector, academia and civil society to develop solutions to manage the infrastructures and natural resources of islands that are integrated, transferable and extensible on a scale, so that they respond to the need to intensify Research and Technology and Co-ordination of investments in pilot and larger projects on the islands and on the other hand to substantially improve the quality of life of island residents, while inspiring the mainland.



The "Intelligent Islands - Establishing New Roads for the Islands of Europe" is organized by island authorities and institutions in Europe and aims to present the "Smart Islands" Initiative to the European institutions and bodies. The event will take place at European Parliament at March 28 2017 building on the results of the 1 Forum of Intelligent Islands, which took place in 21-22 in June 2016 in Athens. In addition, an official ceremony will take place during which the representatives of the island local and regional authorities will sign the Declaration of Intelligent Islands, a text designed to mobilize in favor of providing political and economic support to the islands to move them into a development model that promotes smart, sustainable development and social inclusion.

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Local authorities are invited to sign the Accession Form by undertaking commitments to reduce and adapt to climate change, protect the environment and support research, technologies and solutions that will lead to the creation of "Intelligent Islands".

The initiative is also called upon to support representatives of the Academic Community, Public Bodies, Private Organizations and Civil Society signing the Letter of Support by:

The Accession Forms and the Support Letters of the Initiatives should be addressed to the Cypriot Citizens' Initiative Coordinator in Cyprus and sent to the email address or fax 22667736 or by post to Lefkonos 10-12, 1011 Nicosia.

For more information visit the initiative website or contact Savva Vlachos on 22667716