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The Energy Office of Cyprus and the Department of Electromechanical Services have prepared a Draft entitled "Sponsorship Plan for the Installation of 1000 Electric Vehicle Recharging Points | Electrification with 1000 (Phase II)" and invite the interested parties to a Public Consultation. Both the Draft and the comments/recommendations form are available on the website of the Cyprus Energy Office, in the section Issues/Funding.

Please submit any comments and suggestions on the draft no later than November 17, 2023, by sending the completed relevant form to the e-mail address or by fax to 22667736. Alternatively, you can participate in the Consultation via the online platform

For clarifications, you can contact the competent officer, Ms. Iosifina Petri, on the phone 22667768

The Grant Scheme is financed by the Recovery and Resilience Mechanism of the European Union (Next Generation EU), with a total budget of €3.700.000, and is implemented by the Department of Electromechanical Services, in collaboration with the Cyprus Energy Office. Information about the Plan and submission of applications, through the website