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International stakeholders and researchers met in Zagreb to develop strategies to support the islands

The Mediterranean islands are heavily dependent on imported fossil fuels to meet their energy needs and electricity production. This affects islands with high energy costs, environmental and economic impacts and energy dependence on imports.

The main goal of the project PRISMI "promoting RES Integration for Smart Mediterranean Islands" is to create an integrated toolkit (based on a transnational approach) that will assess and map the potential of Renewable Energy Sources and provide the opportunity to develop scenarios of integration into the Mediterranean islands.

The toolkit will support the development of Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SDPs) in 5 study areas: on the Akamas Peninsula (Cyprus), on the islands of Korčula & Vis (Croatia), on the island of Tilos (Greece), on the island of Favignana (Italy) and in the Gozo region (Malta).

In parallel with the second meeting of the project partners in Zagreb, Croatia on 11 - 12 July 2017, a technical networking workshop where several stakeholders from universities, research institutes and international organizations supporting the islands on issues related to green growth, smart grids, action plans and renewable energy have been present. Through the discussion, the exchange of know-how and experience with the project partners is expected to support the future activities of the project.

Additionally, in the coming months, the toolbox will take its final form, so you plan to organize 5 local workshops and meetings to give end users the opportunity to get informed and make full use of the project's results (Toolbox, PRISMI associate network).

In conducting it final conference of the project in April of 2018 in Athens (the exact date will be announced shortly), the results of the project are expected to be presented while at the same time giving participants from across the Mediterranean the opportunity to exchange views and identify prospects for cooperation.

For more information and to join the network, please visit:

Website of the project (under construction)

PRISMI - Facebbok

PRISMI - ResearchGate

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or contact the project coordinator:

Dr. Davide Astiaso Garcia

+39 06 4991 8641