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Lefkonos 2-12, 1011 Nicosia

The Communities of Alona and Polystypos joined forces and proceeded to upgrade the street lighting with new high energy efficiency luminaires in order to save energy and improve the existing condition of road lighting.

Specifically,  work is underway to replace 195 fixtures in the two Communities with new type luminaires LED . OThe replacement of the luminaires is expected to be completed by mid-December.

The two Communities assigned to the Cyprus Energy Agency the counting and evaluation of the existing situation of road lighting in the two Communities as well as the provision of technical assistance and expertise for the conduct of the competition.

The project is also considered a best practice in Europe for implementing a Green Procurement to save energy and reduce the carbon footprint in street lighting at the local authority level. The project is technically supported through the program GreenS ( which promotes the implementation of Green Public Procurement through the implementation of innovative methodologies and procedures.

With the upgrade of LED street lighting, large energy savings in lighting are expected for the two Communities which are expected to reach 44%, resulting in reduced street lighting costs, improved street lighting quality and at the same time environmental protection. .