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Lefkonos 2-12, 1011 Nicosia

On Saturday, June 1st, at the Philoxenia Conference Center in Nicosia, took place the Annual General Meeting of the Cyprus Energy Agency. On the occasion of the agency's ten years of operation, the Annual General Meeting included a second, ceremonial part, which was open to the general public.

The meeting welcomed the CEA's Board of Directors' president, Mr. Andreas Kitromilidis, who in his greeting, thanked the present members of the BoD, the Advisory Committee members, the founding members, and the current staff of the Agency, who believed and continue to believe to the vision of the organization, thus contributing to its continued operation and the achievement of its goals. In his speech, the president made a brief reference to the Agency's history and highlighted some of its milestones and success stories.

These include:
• Participation in 40 co-funded innovative projects and studies for the sustainable development of a total budget beyond 7.8 million
• Education and information beyond 22,000 citizens, as well as 37,000 students
• Supporting more 30 local authorities in developing strategies and implementing actions to tackle climate change
• Performing 16,000 and more technical measurements in road lighting and 250 technical visits to households
• The development of 120 environmental and technical studies
• To carry out 25 energy renovation of low income households
• Training and employment opportunities were provided to 30 scientists through mobility and internship programs

Then the CEA's Director, Mr. Savvas Vlachos, presented the Annual Activity Report of the Agency, its Annual Accounts, as well as its Business Planning and Objectives. Through his presentations, Mr. Vlachos referred to the strategic thematic objectives the Agency set for the period 9-2020, which will be its pillars of action in order to achieve the organization's vision for "A just, inclusive, and climate resilient Cyprus, governed by the principles of sustainability.". The 9 thematic objectives that shape the organization's road map are: (1) Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation (2) Energy Efficiency, (3) Just Transition, (4) Sustainable Mobility, (5) Energy Communities, (6) RES, (7) Circular Economy, (8) Sustainable Tourism, and (9) Financing.

During the ceremonial part of the meeting, in the presence of deputies, government officials, representatives of the local government, and other distinguished guests, the following were welcomed:
• Mr. Kostas Hadjipanayiotou, on behalf of the Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment and
• Dr. Christina Karapitta, Senior Industrial Applications Officer, on behalf of the Minister of Energy, Commerce and Industry

In their greetings, both Mr.Hadgipanayiotou and Dr.Christina Karapitta, congratulated the Cyprus Energy Agency, highlighted the excellent cooperation between the Ministries and the Agency so far, and referred to the prospects of strengthening and highlighting its role in energy and environmental issues.

Subsequently, the Vice President of the CEA's Board of Directors, Mr. Panayiotis Damianou, took the floor and made a review, in which he referred to the process of setting up and running the Agency, as well as the challenges and difficulties they faced in the initial stages, and the initiatives taken to be a healthy and developing organization with an important role in the Cypriot society today.

On the occasion of the ten years of CEA's operation, the Board of Directors honored with awards distinguished members of the Agency for their contribution to its establishment and operation. Honorary awards were given to:

  1. Mr. Charalambos Theopemptos: Founding Member of the CEA who participated in the BoD as Commissioner for the Environment
  2. Dr. Costas Papastavrou: Founding Member of the CEA who participated in the BoD representing the Department of Environment
  3. Mr. Christodoulos Farkonides: Founding Member of the CEA, who participated in the BoD representing the Association of Companies of Renewable Energy Sources of Cyprus
  4. Mr. George Georgiou: Founding Member of the CEA and member of the BoD representing the Association of Companies of Renewable Energy Sources of Cyprus and
  5. Ms. Anthi Charalambous: First Director of the CEA and member of the BoD representing the Federation of Employers and Industrialists (OEB)

The meeting closed with an open dialogue-discussion within the conference room and lunch at a restaurant in Aglantzia.

CEA's BoD president speeches: Main Part, Ceremonial Part

Minister for Energy, Commerce & Industry speech

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