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The Cyprus Energy Agency, being the Sustainability Advisor of the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) in Cyprus, presents to you selected proposals that have recently been published in the EEN database and are looking for potential partners for the development of business and technological collaborations.  

The selected profiles are based on the sustainable development / green transition and come from various economic sectors. The cooperation proposals are anonymous profiles of organisations that have been evaluated by experienced EEN staff and are intended to initiate non-binding communication between interested parties.

Profile number: BOKR20230307002 

Korean SMEs that produce eco-friendly fertilizers hope to export their products to Europe. 

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Profile number: BOKR20230106003 

A Korean biotech startup company that uses seaweed to produce biodegradable and compostable replacements for single-use plastics is looking for partners toward with global businesses from material sourcing, technology exchange, industrial partners, and R&D. 

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Profile number: BOGR20221229022 

A sustainable Greek company that produces knitwear from natural, biodegradable materials is looking to establish a commercial or distribution agreement. 

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Profile Number: BOUA20221219027 

Sustainable brand of disposable cups, aroma candles & plant pots made of recycled coffee grounds is looking for distributors. 

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Are you interested in working with any of the above organisations? Click hereto express your interest! For queries, please contact +22667849 XNUMX (Ms. Christina Andreou).