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The EYEW, the EHIC and OEB call for companies to take action

Nicosia, 3 October 2018 - Cypriot businesses will not only play an important role in reducing the country's energy needs, but will also benefit themselves through energy efficiency measures. In front of more than 60 participants from companies of all sizes and sectors of activity, representatives of the Ministry of Energy, Commerce, Industry and Tourism (MECIT), the Cyprus Energy Agency (CEA) and the Federation of Employers and Industrialists (OEB) announced the last week the creation of the Cyprus Network for Energy Efficiency. Under the umbrella of the Business4Climate initiative, particular attention will be paid to energy efficiency. Businesses were invited to join the network and volunteer to adopt energy efficiency measures. Three companies led, signing the commitment at the event.
A research carried out by 2018 Cyprus Energy Agency showed that energy efficiency is already at the top of the Cypriot business agenda, but more information on energy saving opportunities is needed. As part of this need, the initiative was launched in Nicosia last week where more than 60 business participants were informed about energy saving measures, good practices from Cyprus and abroad and discussed with representatives of the Ministry of Development, OEB. The event was welcomed by Mr. Kostis Mousouroulis from the Permanent Representation of the European Commission in Cyprus. Mr. Antonis Ioannou, Deputy Director of the Energy Service, Mrs. Olympia Stylianou, Director General of the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment, and K. Giorgos Petrou, Vice President of the Federation of Employers and Industrialists. Participants also had the opportunity to learn firsthand about the success of the Energy Efficiency Network in Austria by Petra Lackner of the Austrian Energy Agency.

Business4Energyefficiency - how to join the network

To become a member of the network, an enterprise must participate in Business4Climate initiative and to commit voluntarily to reduce its carbon dioxide emissions by at least 8% to 2030. Particular importance is given to Energy Efficiency measures, so participants in Business4Climate are automatically members of the Energy Efficiency Network. The Network is organized by a Committee consisting of the Ministry of Development, the EAGGF and the OEB. Participants, in return for their efforts to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions and energy consumption, benefit from seminars, networking and cooperation opportunities, meetings with stakeholders and expert support.

Part of EU financed Energy efficiency project

The event took place through a project to strengthen the implementation of the European Directive on Energy Efficiency in Cyprus. The project is being carried out by the Austrian Environmental Bureau in cooperation with the EYEW and the EHIC. The project is funded by the European Commission's Structural Reform Agency.

For more information, contact Myrto Skourpathis from the Cyprus Energy Agency at