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The aim is to strengthen the Cyprus power system using innovative methods!

The Center of Excellence for Research and Innovation "Koios" of the University of Cyprus has secured funding from the Research and Innovation Foundation for the implementation of a new and ambitious research project titled "EMPOWER", in cooperation with all major electricity operators in Cyprus, as well as with a significant contribution from companies and organizations active in the sector. The project aims to contribute to the strengthening of the Cyprus electricity system, using smart tools and systems without affecting the stability and reliability of the system.

The project’s results are expected to bring multiple socio-economic benefits for Cyprus. The deployment of cutting-edge solutions will evolve the Cyprus power system and enhance its stability, quality, reliability and integrity. Through the study of optimal storage technologies and system management, the project will contribute decisively in achieving the goals of Cyprus for increasing the penetration of Renewable Energy Sources. Consequently, it will be possible to achieve a reduction in the emission of gases and improve the quality of life of the citizens. Additionally, through the pilot demonstrations that will be implemented during “EMPOWER” all the developed software tools and innovative technologies will be tested in actual operating conditions.

This Project INTEGRATED/0916/0035 is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund and the Republic of Cyprus through the Research and Innovation Foundation with 1 million euro. In addition to the KIOS Research and Innovation Center of Excellence at the University of Cyprus, the following entities are actively participating in this project: the Electricity Authority of Cyprus, the Transmission System Operator-Cyprus, the Cyprus Energy Regulatory Authority, the Ministry of Energy, Commerce and Industry, Deloitte, the Cyprus Energy Agency, the Cyprus Employers and Industrialists Federation, T.P. Aeolian Dynamics, and Phoebe Research and Innovation.

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News & Updates



  1. Operation of a Low Voltage Distribution Grid in Cyprus and the Impact of Photovoltaics and Electric Vehicles
  2. Control Scheme for Phase Balancing and Reactive Power Support from Photovoltaic Inverters
  3. Enhancing the State Estimation for Low Voltage Distribution Grids
  4. Modeling and Energy Management of a Flywheel Storage System for Peak Shaving Applications
  5. Demonstration of Man in the Middle Attack on a Feeder Power Factor Correction Unit
  6. Calculation of Transmission Line Parameters: A real Case Study
  7. Energy Scheduling of Wind Storage Systems Using Stochastic and Robust Optimization
  8. Voltage Regulation Under Unbalanced Power Flow in Active Four-wire Low Voltage Distribution Grids
  9. Energy Storage Arbitrage and Peak Shaving in Distribution Feeders Under Uncertainty
  10. Estimation of Load Inertia using Ambient Measurements from Synchrophasor Technology
  11. A Digital Twin Architecture for Smart Buildings

Scientific magazines

  1. Wide Area Control of Governors and Power System Stabilizers With an Adaptive Tuning of Coordination Signals
  2. State Estimation for Distribution Grids with a Single Point Grounded Neutral Conductor
  3. Energy Management and Control of a Flywheel Storage System for Peak Shaving Applications
  4. High reporting rate smart metering data for enhanced grid monitoring and services for energy communities
  5. Energy Management and Control of Photovoltaic and Storage Systems in Active Distribution Grids
  6. A Sensor-less Asymmetric and Harmonic Load Compensation Method by Photovoltaic Inverters based on Event-triggered Impedance Estimation