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Last Updated: May 2020

This manual has been prepared by Irish Energy Authority and has been translated and adapted to the Cypriot data and habits by the Cyprus Energy Agency, to be distributed to households in Cyprus in the context of the implementation of the project ELIH MED "Energy efficiency in low-income households". The printed manual in Greek is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund, through the work Teeschools and the MED program.

The purpose of the manual is to help citizens, homeowners or tenants to become proper managers of the energy they consume. How; By understanding how and where energy is used and how to acquire more energy efficient habits. This will result in significant energy and money savings, while also helping to protect the environment.

Following the proposed plan, which is divided into 5 stages, we can have significant savings in energy and money, which will increase significantly as more energy is cultivated in the household.

The proposed approach is based on methodologies developed by professional building managers, which guarantee the effectiveness of the energy saving method. It includes 5 categories of actions: commitment, tracking, planning, implementation and revision.

An important parameter is that all members of the household agree and want to save energy, identify what their actual consumption is and set savings targets that they want to achieve and be able to follow a plan with selected measures to implement.

At the end of the process, by evaluating the actions that have been taken, the measures and objectives of the plan can be revised.

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