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Following a joint initiative with the Union of Cyprus Communities, the Cyprus Energy Office offers free technical support to communities to draw up joint energy and climate plans. The technical support is funded by the National Recovery & Resilience Plan and will take place at the cluster level. In this context, the coordinators of each cluster are invited to submit their interest electronically clicking here, or by phone at 22667844 or 99718366. First come first served.

The joint local energy and climate plan will be an important long-term strategy for the cluster of communities, and a reference point for future actions and investments in sustainable energy and climate change.


  • Basic Inventory of Carbon Dioxide Emissions – CO2 (Where are you?)
  • CO2 reduction target for 2030 (Where do you want to go?)
  • List of actions and investments for 2021-2030 (How will you reach the goal?)
  • Assessment of risk and sensitivity to climate change (Vulnerability of Communities)
  • Identification and analysis of selected adaptation actions (How to make Communities more resilient?)
  • Financial tools and financial mechanisms

Why is the preparation of a Local Energy and Climate Plan important?

  • Wide recognition and international visibility -> Joining the Covenant of Mayors and global visibility through the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy
  • Credible strategy -> To be evaluated and approved by the Joint Research Center of the European Commission
  • Facilitating access to finance -> Access to financial instruments specifically targeted at Covenant of Mayors parties – or even strictly for them
  • Access to know-how and collaboration opportunities -> Exchange experiences with corresponding European cities for the successful implementation of your projects

For more information and/or clarifications, call 22667844 or 99718366 (Haris Kordatos).