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Europe's municipalities reaffirm their commitment to action against climate change

Most of 7.000 European local authorities that signed the Covenant of Mayors, including 23 municipalities from Cyprus, share a common vision: to relieve their cities of carbon emissions and make them adaptable, providing citizens with access to safe, sustainable and affordable energy.

The Covenant of Mayors on Climate and Energy launched 2008 with the support of the European Commission to unite local and regional authorities voluntarily committed to achieving the European Union's climate and energy objectives in their territory.

The 2015 initiative set new and long-term goals: the Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy extends its initial commitment to reduce CO 2 emissions (CO2) and includes adaptation to climate change.

Signatories previously committed to the 2020 targets and / or the Mayors Adjustment initiative and new signatories are invited to subscribe to the European 2030 targets for a 40% reduction in carbon emissions and to implement local actions for mitigation and adaptation to climate change.

Twenty-three municipalities from Cyprus joined the other signatory European authorities and signed the Covenant of Mayors setting ambitious targets for 2020: saving two million MWh, producing 90.000 MWh from renewable sources and reducing annual carbon dioxide emissions by 600.000 tons. The signatory municipalities of Cyprus are invited to align with the new European climate and energy objectives of 2030 and to step up their actions towards sustainable energy, sustainable urban mobility and adaptation to climate change.

The Cyprus Energy Agency constitutes from 2009 a permanent support structure for the Covenant of Mayors in Cyprus and has so far collaborated with 23 municipalities to design, implement and monitor local Sustainable Energy Action Plans.

More information on the Covenant of Mayors on Climate and Energy can be found on the initiative website, or you can contact the Cyprus Energy Agency.

(Photo: Nathalie Nizette)

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