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The Cyprus Energy Office wishes to inform persons who have reasonable suspicions about actual or potential violations (corruption, fraud, conflict of interest, misuse of public funds, etc.) that have been committed or are likely to be committed in the context of the actions , interventions, plans, contracts, and/or programs that are (co)financed with European Union *(EU) funds, how they can do it immediately, easily and safely. Specifically, these individuals can contact the competent bodies for receiving and investigating complaints established by the Republic of Cyprus (see below) and submit their complaints and complaints through their website: 

To view the review flow of related complaints, click here. 

Legal framework for the protection of whistleblowers 

It is noted that it was published on February 4, 2022 the Protection of Persons Reporting Violations of Union and National Law Law of 2022 (Law 6(I)/2022) which, inter alia, protects whistleblowers in relation to specific breaches of EU law, acts or omissions relating to the commission or potential commission of a criminal offense or a person's failure to comply with a legal obligation, breaches which cause or are likely to cause damage to the environment. 

According to this Law, persons who are entitled to protection are persons who report violations of EU law, persons who report violations of national law, third persons associated with the above persons and who may suffer retaliation in a work context, and legal persons who which belong to the above persons or for which the above persons work or are associated with an employment relationship.  

Law 6(I)/2022 also establishes the conditions for the protection of whistleblowers, and obliges private and public legal entities to establish channels and procedures for internal reporting of violations. It also provides protection to a person who makes a public disclosure of violations under certain conditions and requires an obligation of confidentiality regarding the identity of the reporter, including any information from which his identity can be directly or indirectly deduced. In addition, it establishes measures to protect the petitioner from any retaliation against him, as well as measures to support him, as well as the criminal offenses of obstructing the filing of a petition, retaliating against the petitioner, initiating abusive proceedings against the petitioner, breaching the obligation to comply the confidential nature of the identity of the 4reporter and the submission of false reports or false public disclosures. 

For details on the implementation of Law 6(I)/2022 you can refer to the relevant page of the Ministry of Justice and Public Order by clicking here.