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Lefkonos 2-12, 1011 Nicosia

The Energy Office of Cyprus, its implementing body and expert Energy Poverty Advisory Hub (EPAH) in Cyprus, organized on March 6 an informative webinar in Greek, on the occasion of 2nd EPAH Call to ensure technical support to tackle energy poverty.

For those who don't know, EPAH is the flagship initiative of the European Union, managed by the European Commission at the request of the European Parliament, and which, through a wide network of partners, aims to eradicate energy poverty and become an accelerator of fair energy transition of European governments.

Both the seminar and the EPAH call are addressed to local authorities in Europe and organizations in close cooperation with them, who wish to secure personalized technical assistance of up to 9 months from local bodies and EPAH experts, in order to plan and implement actions to tackle energy poverty.

For the invite guide, click here.

To watch the tutorial, click here.

To submit your request to the invitation, press here.

*The invitation opened on March 1st and will end on April 7th at 7:30pm. (Cyprus time). -> It is noted that the invitation was extended by 7 days. The new deadline includes the extension granted.

For more information regarding the EPAH invitation, you can contact Marina Kyriakou ( or 22667847) or Charis Kordatos ( or 22667844).