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An online tool to support energy savings in Cypriot households

The Ministry of Energy, Commerce, and Industry, together with the Cyprus Energy Agency and the Environment Agency of Austria are proud to present the Energy Savings Tool – an online tool to help individuals to make energy- and cost-efficient choices. The tool offers a series of functions to calculate potential energy savings and is a helpful support for Cypriot households in order to reduce their energy consumption and energy bills. The tool is available on energysavingstool.cea.org.cy.

To save energy in my household is to save money. Sounds good, but how does it work? What technical understanding is needed? What figures do I have to know? What savings can be achieved? What sounds complicated can be easily understood with energysavingstool.cea.org.cy.

The new online tool offers an easy way to assess energy consumption and shows way to save energy. It is user- friendly so it could be easily used by anyone!

energysavingstool.cea.org.cy - how does it work;

The Base - The Quick Energy Check: Users can easily find out where the potential of energy savings in their households are – electricity, heating, or fuel? You have to know about your status. This is the focal point of the online tool, as it allows each individual to assess their current situation and find out how to save energy and money. All you need to know is how much you pay for energy.

RES: the user can according of the occupants of their household and their electricity bill, find out the best size of installation of solar panels for electricity and hot water production.

Vehicle: the car is often one of the biggest energy consumer in the household. Every litre fuel counts – for the bill and the environment. With this feature you are able to compare your old car with a new one, or two new models in terms of consumption and emissions.

Appliances: Everyday appliances appear to contribute little to the total energy consumption in a household but add up quickly. Eight different categories of appliances, plus lighting, are assessed on their consumption based on the standards of the EU Energy Label

The tool is available on energysavingstool.cea.org.cy

Part of EU financed Energy efficiency project

The online tool is part of a project to strengthen the implementation of the Energy Efficiency Directive in Cyprus conducted by Environment Agency Austria in cooperation with MECI and CEA. The project is funded by the Structural Reform Support Service of the European Commission.

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