The Energy Office develops and monitors the implementation of the Energy Action Plans of Local Authorities, highlighting the role of Local Government in new technological challenges and environmental issues. It formally forms the promoter of the "Covenant of Mayors" and the "Covenant of Islands" in Cyprus. Specifically, 22 Action Plans for the Sustainable Energy of Local Authorities of Cyprus were prepared by the Energy Office of Cypriot Citizens. This means reducing carbon dioxide emissions (CO2) against 598.815 tones and a reduction in energy consumption 1.838.974 MWh until 2020 from their implementation. Also, the Energy Office provides technical assistance and expertise to local authorities to implement sustainable energy projects.

  • Basic elements of the Covenant of Mayors
  • Informative brochure.
  • 10 Reasons accession to the Covenant of Mayors on Climate and Energy.
  • How to fund your local actions, examples by other local authorities, members of the Covenant of Mayors.

For more information visit his official website Covenant of Mayors.