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Continuing its environmental and energy policy, the Municipality in cooperation with the Cyprus Energy Office[1], participates in the actions of the HAPPEN project[2] and pioneering one pilot local sponsorship plan.

Pilot actions

Within the framework of HAPPEN, energy interventions will be carried out at the Municipal Palace as well as in 3 residences on the territory of the Municipality to increase their energy efficiency. For the selection of housing, the Municipality of Strovolos, in cooperation with the Energy Office, proceeds to the open invitation to all Strovolos citizens. Participants will be selected based on predefined criteria.

It is expected that the pilot projects in the Municipality of Strovolos will start the end of the second year of the project (2019) and will be completed in the third year of project implementation (2020).

Local Sponsoring Scheme

  • If you own a residence on the territory of the Municipality of Strovolos benefit:
    • sponsorship up to € 2000 from the municipality.
    • free energy study by experts to upgrade your home.
    • reduced VAT (5%) for renovation work.
    • the possibility of using the Energy Service 's Thermal Insulation Roofing Thermal Insulation Project.

For more information and terms and conditions, tap here.

To submit an online application, tap here.

For paper documents, press here.

  • If you are a citizen or businessman and want to participate in the workshops that will be held press here (The link will be available according to the dates of the workshops).

  • If you are a business and want to contribute or support the pilot actions, contact the Strovolos Municipality and Ms. Anna Pantopiou on the 22470313 phone and the email apantopiou@strovolos.org.cy .

For any help filling out the applications as a homeowner, please contact Stelios Kyprou, Energy Office, Tel: 22667716, email: stelios.kyprou@cea.org.cy .

LAST DATE OF SUBMISSION OF APPLICATIONS: The last date for submission of applications is 16 in November 2018. Any applications received outside this deadline will not be evaluated. Requests with 16 / 11 / 2018 mail stamp are also acceptable.

For more information on the project: www.cea.org.cy/happen/

Twitter Account: @HAPPEN_PROJECT

LinkedIn Account: www.linkedin.com/company/happen-project/

[1] Project manager in Cyprus.

[2] "Holistic APproach and platform for the deep renovation of the residential building environment". This project, funded by the 2020 Horizon Research and Innovation Program, focuses on the Mediterranean region, where it aims to stimulate the market for radical energy upgrades in buildings to make Nearly Null Energy Consumption Buildings (CISCs). The project was launched in April 2018, has a duration of 3 years and is coordinated by the National Research Center (CNR),

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