The EUREM training program is a standardized training program for European Energy Managers, (European Energy Manager - EUREM: People employed in small and medium-sized enterprises - SMEs in energy), combining theoretical lessons, exercises, personal learning and practical energy work. In addition, it provides trainees with access to a European network of EUREM graduates in order to share knowledge and experience.

The Duration of the Program is:

90 hours (10 is free) and is usually made 1 once a year.

The Educational Program addresses:

People who handle energy issues within their business / organization, and especially people working in small and medium-sized businesses, from the manufacturing industry, to hotel units, but also in municipalities.

These individuals must be engineers or graduates of senior technology institutions with at least 2 years of experience in dealing with energy issues or related issues within their organization / organization.

The training program is based on standard educational material developed in Germany by the Nuremberg Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The EUREM training program has been implemented in several European countries, resulting in the successful training of more than 4.000 European Energy Managers, to date. Many countries outside Europe were interested in adopting and implementing the training program, and consequently the EUREM program would become an international standardized training program.

Πιστοποιητικό European Energy Manager (EUREM):

Participants who will follow the EUREM training course will prepare and present the written paper (50% of the total score) and will pass the written exam (it is 50% of the total score). Participants will have to collect 50% of their score, both in written and written examinations.

For more information on the EUREM training program, please visit the website

The Cyprus Citizens' Energy Bureau is the exclusive educational institution for the implementation of the training program EUREM in Cyprus, having signed an exclusive cooperation agreement with the Consortium EUREM.

Photographs from the award of the European Energy Manager (EUREM) Certificates in Cyprus


Photos from Educational Visits

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