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The Environmental Department of the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and the Environment in the framework of the promotion of the Community Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) in enterprises, announces the announcement of the 2017 State Aid Scheme for the Introduction of an Environmental Management System based on the provisions of the relevant Regulation 1221 / 2009 / EC.

The Scheme aims to increase the environmental performance of organizations through the establishment of an Environmental Management System in accordance with the provisions of Regulation 1221 / 2009 / EC and concerns the provision of state sponsorship to enterprises and organizations of all economic activities that intend to install Environmental Management System against EMAS which aims to address the environmental aspects of businesses / organizations, reduce the use of natural resources and continuously improve their environmental performance.

The Plan is based on de minimis aid and provides for its subsidy 70% of costs for the provision of services for the installation of an environmental management system with a maximum of € 2.000, and the verification and validation of the system with a maximum of € 500. With the same amount of € 500, Transaction Costs from ISO 14001 to EMAS are also funded.

The deadline for submitting applications has been set 10η November, 2017. Only companies and organizations submit an application for registration in the EMAS Registry at the latest by the above date. The Design Guide and Application Form can be found on the Environment Department website: www.moa.gov.cy/environment. Further details on 22408923, Environmental Officer Georgiou-Tsiakalou Natalia, email: ngeorgiou@environment.moa.gov.cy.



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