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The Energy Office of Cypriot Citizens, wishes to inform the interested parties about the implementation examinations certification of boiler heating system inspectors, which will take place at 30-31 May 2018.

Need for inspection

Estimates suggest that there are currently approximately 77.000 heating systems with boilers of nominal capacity up to 100kW and 15.000 heating systems with boilers with a rated rated output greater than 100kW, which consume a significant amount of energy each year.

Heating systems with gas, liquid or solid fuel boilers of nominal power from 20kW to 100kW, based on legislation, should be inspected once every five (5) years. (KNP 148 / 2013)

Heating systems with boilers of nominal power greater than 100kW should be inspected once per two (2) years (for liquid and solid fuel boilers) or at least once every four (4) years (for gas boilers). (KNP 149 / 2013)

Participation right

The right to participate in the examinations is registered in the Register of Members of the Scientific Technical Chamber of Cyprus (EETEK), in the case of a Cypriot citizen, or in the registry of engineers, in the case of a national of a Member State of the EU. established in a Member State of the EU. except for the Republic, in accordance with the provisions of the Cyprus Technical Chamber of Law in its field Mechanical Engineering.

The examination fee, and for 2 parts, according to the KNP 150 / 2013 is 150 euro (including VAT), which is prepaid, and if the candidate wishes to repeat the failed part of the examination (theoretical or practical), the fee is 75 euro

For the enrollment and participating in the boiler inspector certification examinations, interested parties are requested to fill in and send to the fax 22667736 or e-mail address maria.paphiti@cea.org.cy the application form together with the necessary supporting documents.

Useful forms:

Exam Announcement

Entry Form

Approval of an Energy Office as a rating agency

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