Lefkonos Street 2-12, 1011 Nicosia

SUStainable History districts

"The 21st century will be determined by the way we deal with climate change and social inequality, especially in cities."

Actions to reduce the impact of climate change and build more resilient cities often contribute to reducing social inequality, inter alia by creating opportunities for community investment. The EIT Climate-KIC supports cities to develop and implement integrated bottom-up sustainability projects, which can however be implemented at city level as well. They help city communities acquire leadership skills and set a course for the promotion of sustainable and sustainable policies and projects, which in turn create local prosperity through jobs and investment.

The Energy Office, member of the Climate KIC family, participates as a partner in the project 'SUSHI 'on the Sustainable Development of Historic Areas. This project embraces a holistic approach to address the common challenges of these historical regions in 6 cities from 5 European Mediterranean countries: Nicosia (CY), Lisbon (PT), Valletta (MT), Savona (IT) , Putumi (SI), and Sassari (IT). The project partners work closely with the EIT Climate-KIC to turn their historic regions into inclusive and sustainable inclusive communities.

Through the actions of the project, the teams representing each city will prepare Action Plans for the historic areas of their city, which will be crucial for securing funding under 2019 and 2020, as well as the setting of additional funding proposals for their works.

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To contribute to the project effort, take a few minutes and complete the following questionnaire:

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