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The European Commission mandated all Member States (MS) to produce National Energy and Climate Plans (NECP) which set out targets and a strategy for tackling climate change at a national level. The draft NECPs were reviewed by the Commission which issued an assessment and recommendations to each MS.

This project aims to assist the Department of Environment and the Energy Service of the Cyprus government to update the NECP's Dimension of Research and Innovation (R&I), based on the Commission’s assessment and recommendations. As part of this project a systems innovation workshop will be organised, with participation across the public, private and academic sectors, to identify the requirements for achieving the targets of the NECP and thus where to target innovation. The project will further conduct a benchmarking exercise of other MS and their NECPs to identify best practices in R&I and extract for inclusion in the final update of the NECP. The main output of the project will be recommendations on how to update the R&I section of the NECP in order to address the Commission’s recommendations.

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